Elcos srl is among the main Italian companies that produce generators. It develops, produces, sells and installs systems for the generation of electric energy for a total of 700 MW per year.

ELCOS has been operating in the domestic and international market for over forty-five years.

Elcos researches and develops products that use innovative technologies in order to optimize its production efficiency and performances provided by its systems, offering the user (from 1 to 3150 kVA) a customized product.

Elcos is located in Northern Italy, in the province of Cremona. It is an independent group that designs and produces in Italy power generation systems (emergency and self-production) intended for the international market.

ELCOS has promoted an internal behavioral code based on customer satisfaction.

Elcos has entered every kind of market successfully, from Africa, Middle-East, Russia, and America to Oceania by respecting local standards and thanks to the loyalty with skilled partners in these countries as well as continued research of new collaborations.

We, 01 Electronics, are sole agents of Elcos diesel generators and generating sets in Egypt.